Protein transport protein Sec61 subunit gamma

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UniProtKB description:  Component of SEC61 channel-forming translocon complex that mediates transport of signal peptide-containing precursor polypeptides across the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) (By similarity). Forms a ribosome receptor and a gated pore in the ER membrane, both functions required for cotranslational translocation of nascent polypeptides (By similarity). The SEC61 channel is also involved in ER membrane insertion of transmembrane proteins: it mediates membrane insertion of the first few transmembrane segments of proteins, while insertion of subsequent transmembrane regions of multi-pass membrane proteins is mediated by the multi-pass translocon (MPT) complex (PubMed:32820719, PubMed:36261522). The SEC61 channel cooperates with the translocating protein TRAM1 to import nascent proteins into the ER (By similarity).
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