1 Billion Atoms


PDB is now a billion-atom archive. Over a hundred thousand entries--proteins, DNA, RNA, and all the tiny molecules associated with them--capture the nanoscale details of these billion atoms. Use RCSB PDB's to start exploring:

  • Search features at include simple text searching (with autosuggestions), browsing based on common characteristics (experimental method, organism, taxonomy, etc.), and an option to build complex queries with Advanced Search.
  • Molecular viewers, including JSmol/Jmol, Protein Viewer, and the RCSB PDB's Protein Workshop help users interactively view PDB's atomic structures.
  • Molecule of the Month: Hosted at PDB-101, the educational portal of the RCSB PDB, nearly 200 Molecule of the Month articles describe molecular structure and function with interactive views, discussion topics, and links to structure examples.

1 Billion Atoms

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