Announcement: Map Volume Deposition to EMDB Will Be Mandatory for PDB Depositions of 3DEM models Starting September 6th, 2016

07/06 wwPDB News

Effective September 6th, 2016, deposition to the PDB of atomic models determined by 3D Electron cryo-Microscopy (3DEM) will require prior or simultaneous deposition of the associated 3DEM volume maps to EMDB.

Maps and models can be deposited at a member site of the Worldwide Protein Data Bank ( using the joint PDB, EMDB and BMRB deposition tool made available by RCSB PDB (, PDBe (, and PDBj (

Data can be released following the authors' release instructions, once they have been processed and approved. wwPDB and EMDB policies both allow for a maximum hold period of one year for model and associated map depositions. Note that (starting September 6th, 2016) for joint PDB/EMDB depositions, the hold period will be the same for the map(s) and the model(s).

This policy change aligns the deposition requirements for 3DEM models with those for structures determined by other techniques, for which deposition of experimental data has been mandatory since 2008. The policy change was developed on the basis of input from the PDB and EMDB user communities and has been unanimously endorsed by the wwPDB Advisory Committee.

Questions regarding depositions should be sent to:

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