Annual Report Published


Download the 2013 Annual Report (PDF) for an overview of data deposition, query, outreach, and education activities.

The recently published Annual Report highlights the RCSB PDB's accomplishments for 2013. It also reviews topics ranging from deposition statistics to the new Protein Feature View to the results from a recent user survey.

wwPDB efforts, including the development of the Common Deposition and Annotation Tool, are also highlighted.

These bulletins provide a yearly snapshot of RCSB PDB activities and the state of the PDB archive. This edition, the RCSB PDB's fourteenth, is available as a PDF download. If you would like a printed copy, please send your postal address to

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The 2013 Annual Report cover displays a representation of the HIV virus surrounded by examples of related protein-drug complexes. These include rilpivirne bound to HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (PDB ID 4g1q); dolutegravir bound to the PFV virus, a protein similar to HIV integrase (PDB ID 3s3m); and darunavir bound to HIV protease (PDB ID 4hla). Molecular snapshots like these help researchers discover and develop drugs for the fight against HIV.

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