Improvements to Data Replacement Prior to Release; Privacy Policy Update

05/25 wwPDB News

The new version of OneDep improves the process of data replacement for PDB and EMDB entries, prior to their release. This updated process ensures that all new data are checked and validated before the new files are merged into the deposition session. A new validation report is produced at each data update. It must be carefully reviewed, and any highlighted issues should be inspected. The report must be accepted by the depositor prior to re-submission of the data to the archive. These changes ensure that any previous data is not accidentally removed in the process of replacement and also enables more efficient biocuration of the new files due to the reduction in file replacement errors. Any major data errors or data inconsistencies between versions are displayed for review by the depositor so that these can be rectified prior to resubmission. Overall, these changes should improve the quality of the data and the transparency of the file replacement process. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new file replacement process then please log into your deposition session and contact wwPDB via the communication tab.

In addition, we are also making sure that we are open and clear about how we handle personal data in OneDep. We have updated the wwPDB privacy policy to comply with the changes brought by the  European Union data protection law (GDPR).  If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please send them to

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