Access a new and improved PDB-Dev


A new and improved PDB-Dev website is now available. PDB-Dev is a prototype system which helps wwPDB partners to understand the requirements in archiving integrative structures. It has been built based on recommendations from the wwPDB Integrative/Hybrid Methods (I/HM) Task Force. PDB-Dev currently consists of 37 integrative structures of macromolecular complexes.

The updated PDB-Dev web interface provides dynamic and responsive web pages and includes two new features:

  • A new search service that facilitates the retrieval of structures archived in PDB-Dev. The current implementation supports search by macromolecular names, entry identifiers, experimental data types, author names, citations, software and several other keywords. Complex queries with Boolean operators and wildcards are supported. Search results can be downloaded as csv or Excel files.

The PDB-Dev team welcomes feedback from users. Please send comments and suggestions to

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