Watch the Crash Course: RCSB PDB APIs

11/28 PDB101 News

Watch recordings of the <I>Leveraging RCSB PDB APIs for Bioinformatics Analyses and Machine Learning</I>Watch recordings of the Leveraging RCSB PDB APIs for Bioinformatics Analyses and Machine Learning

Visit PDB-101 to learn the basics of RCSB PDB APIs. Learn from the RCSB PDB software developers how publicly available APIs build on the data available in the PDB archive and additional internal and external annotations.

These videos will be of interest to researchers in bioinformatics or structural biology; researchers who need to cross- reference PDB and data from other resources; and anyone interested in large scale analyses of structural data (experimental or computational).

Topics include:

  • Introduction to RCSB PDB APIs and Data Schema
  • RCSB PDB Search API
  • Search and Data API Hands-on Teaser
  • Coding Example: Accessing RCSB PDB APIs via Python
  • Coding Example: Preparing a dataset for ML/AI-based prediction of heterodimer binding sites

PDB-101 hosts different Training Events and a specialized Guide to Understanding PDB Data.

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